Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm back!

We had a house guest, followed immediately by a 9 day trip to visit both my family and the boyfriend's family, and then another house guest that participated in the last part of the roadtrip for 3 days upon returning. Basically, it was a fun (but LONG) couple of weeks! And, unfortunately, my classes start again in a week and a half, so my 5 weeks are almost up. :(

We'll be receiving more guests on Thursday night (the boyfriends parents! Gotta impress!), so the apartment really needs to get picked up! I did the bathroom and kitchen cleaning yesterday, so that's all good. But I still don't feel comfortable presenting it to his parents as the home I've made for us (and he has, too, but let's be honest- mostly me! :D ).

I really am a list-person, in that I make lists and function a lot better with a list in the back of my mind of things I need to do. So, with the deadlines in mind, here is what I plan to do this week:

1. Clean up the clothes in our bedroom. This means finishing putting the clothes in the dresser (1 drawer left, for Matt's sweaters), fixing up the closets, donating all clothes we don't need anymore, and vacuuming/dusting.

2. Fix the paper clutter in the kitchen/dining room/living room. It's the first thing you see when you walk in the place, and it's not going to impress ANYONE with the way it is right now!

3. Rearrange the furniture. We kind of have tables, chairs, recliners, etc. all over the place and in various rooms and not in arrangements condusive to entertaining. Shouldn't be too hard to do, but just needs to be done.

4. SELL BACK BOOKS. Those piles I made in a previous post? Still in the middle of my living room.

5. Make a budget. This was actually the thing I wanted to do the most during this whole process, and the thing that's been put off to the last minute. Oops!

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