Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Habbala! I haven't really participated in many of these things simply because I don't want to turn this into a personal blog, but this one seemed innocent enough that I thought I'd give it a shot. :)

8 Things About Me

1) Post rules on your blog
2) Answer the 6 categories
3) Tag others

8 Favorite T.V. Shows:
1) Friday Night Lights
2) Real Housewives of NYC (and the others, too)
3) What Not to Wear
4) House
5) Top Chef
6) Giada at Home
7) The Hills
8) How I Met Your Mother

8 Things I did Yesterday/what a wonderful life I lead
1) Celebrated 3 years of awesomeness with Matt! :D
2) Packed up my desk at work (we're moving; I didn't get fired!)
3) Talked to Mojo while feeding him
4) Made a to-do list for this weekend
5) Went on a brief but enjoyable jaunt to the gym with Rachel
6) Had my first (and only!) two glasses of wine for the week (see #1)
7) Didn't cook a SINGLE THING.
8) Went to bed at 10 and got an excellent night of sleep!

8 Things I look Forward To:
1) Finishing my Masters degree
2) Moving out of Spokane!
3) President's Day (no work!)
4) Traveling to Europe - hopefully 2010!
5) The basketball game tonight
6) Having a clean house
7) Getting a facial in a few weeks
8) Sitting on my bum and doing nothing for the majority of this weekend. :)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1) Mizuna (Spokane)
2) Wild Sage (Spokane)
2) The Melting Pot
3) Queen Mary (Seattle)
4) Izumi - hole-in-the-wall Japanese food (Seattle)
5) McMenamins (Portland/Seattle)
6) PF Changs
7) Twigs (Spokane)
8) Do coffee shops count as restaurants? I like them...

8 Things on My Wish-list:
1) Wii Fit
2) A laptop (working on this one!)
3) Passport
4) New running shoes
5) A counter-top grill
6) A more cohesive life plan
7) An extended vacation to spend with Matt
8) A raise never hurts, right?

8 People I Tag:
Tag yourselves and I'll post your link here! Just leave me a comment!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Just thought I'd give you a little peak at my dinner last night. Matt's pizza (left) had pineapple and pepperoni. Mine (right) had pineapple and red peppers. YUM. I love home-made pizzas, and these little 8-inchers weren't even that bad for us! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

R.I.P. Domino

...And the economy has claimed another casualty during this recession.

I'm joining the upset bloggers of the world in morning Domino magazine's passing. Conde Nast publishing is closing down the last savior of the hip and chic home magazines. I just sent my subscription card in yesterday, and have purchased 4 of the last 6 issues at news stand price (the budgeter in me cringes at that statement), but apparently I'm not enough to keep Domino in business. Of course, economic hardship and decreased sales are to blame - and I can understand that. It's much harder to shill ads for expensive paint and furniture in a magazine like this when many Americans don't know where their next paycheck is coming from.

But thanks for the good times, Domino. Thanks for putting together a magazine that was fun to pick up and thumb through, that gave me lots of ideas for painting and DIY projects, and profiling the interior decoration of stars' houses. Thanks for featuring articles on becoming a wine connoisseur, keeping your house like you have a staff even when you don't, and awesome libraries with captivating pictures. You even had a vegetarian recipe every once in a while. Even though you weren't quite as good as Blueprint, you picked up the slack and carried it well.

I'll miss you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas in late January!

That's right! Christmas for me was tonight! Because of the crazy winter weather this holiday season, my parents had a rough time getting the presents they'd ordered in on time, and I had a tough time getting to my parents to receive the presents. :( But! Despite UPS's stupidity, I managed to get a box with Christmas presents this afternoon, and enjoyed opening them tonight after gym!

Here's some of the loot:

A large purple scarf from my sister, DVDs of 27 Dresses and The Devil Wears Prada, pretty silver earrings, and 2 books (A Devil to Play, and Franklin and Winston).

A sweet set of new wine glasses!

My parents always find the quirkiest stuff for presents - like the book about learning to play the french horn above (I played for 8 years), and they definitely take note when I talk about things that I need (like wine glasses - my set of 8 is down to three, so these were definitely needed!).

I love Christmas.

Biggest Loser!

I'm watching Biggest Loser on TV right now, and just realized that I haven't written here about the "biggest loser" competition that I am participating in! Silly me! Some of you might have already read Rachel's recent post about her recent results; I'm involved in the same contest.

So every year, my company puts on a Biggest Loser contest that starts in January and ends in March (10 week span), and costs $20 to buy into. You get $10 at the weekly weigh-in if you've lost the biggest percentage, and the rest of the money is split between the top three losers (based on percentage) at the end of the 10 weeks. This year, the top prize is almost $500. So I decided to enter this year along with Rachel and another coworker of ours, and we've been gung-ho ever since!

How am I doing so far?
Well, in the first three weeks (including a minor set-back this past week), I've lost 4.77% of my body-weight, which puts me in 4th place among my coworkers. Rachel's in 3rd, and our other coworker is in 2nd, so we're pretty stoked! We have seven weeks to catch the front runner, and we'll go 1-2-3!

So why am I doing Biggest Loser?
Honestly, the main reason is the money. $500 will pay for a trip to Vegas for a long weekend! But also, my girls at work are doing it! I didn't want to be left out, and I've had a lot of fun going to spinning, step, and even hip hop (oh man, THAT was a treat tonight) classes with them! But don't get me wrong, the weight-loss and getting-in-shape-focus are important to me, too. Running season is coming up, and I want to put myself in a good position to do well by training hard now.

So anyway, that's been a huge part of what I've spent my time on in the past few weeks, and what I'll continue to do in the coming 7 weeks!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is going to have to be a short entry, because I'm pretty far behind on my to do list, so I'll hop right to it. Also, check out Org Junkie's website for more menu planners!

Monday (class night): A big crock-pot of Vegetarian Chili with sour cream and shredded cheese on the side.

Tuesday: I'll be making Polenta Fries since we didn't have them tonight, and baked tofu for me - sausage for Matt.

Wednesday: Mini pizzas with pineapple and bell peppers (mine) and pepperoni (Matt's).

Thursday (class night): Burgers with hummus, tomatoes, and spinach.

Friday: It's our three year anniversary! I can't even believe Matt and I have been together for three years already. :D We'll be eating out somewhere.

Saturday: Shepard's Pie

Sunday: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches for the Super Bowl, and some frozen ravioli with steamed veggies for dinner (if anyone's hungry after all the game-time snacks!)

Friday, January 23, 2009

A To-Do List, In Pictures

Let's face it, I've been quite the slacker this week. I haven't done my homework, I've slacked off on my house-hold chores, and I pretty hopelessly fell off the exercise- and diet-wagon. *sigh* I like making to-do lists, because I feel like they help me get stuff done. Even better, this to-do list has photographic evidence of how much I've been slacking. Here's what I want to accomplish this weekend:

1. Do all of my homework, for both of my classes.

2. I'm so far behind on filing, it's kind of ridiculous. So catch up on that.

3. Figure out the recycling/garbage/donating situation, cuz it's getting kind of crazy.

4. Do some laundry, because I like wearing clothes outside. :D

5. Return library materials before I get charged late fees.

6. Plan all meals for this week (including breakfast and lunch!) and grocery shop accordingly.

7. Hang out with Mojo da Betta Fish (and feed him).

8. Watch the Miss American pageant (what can I say? I live for this stuff.)!

9. Hit the gym both days this weekend, and stop being lazy in general.

I've got some other things on my calendar, like hitting up the Festival of Foodies, maybe signing up for a race or two, and finishing some stuff up for work.

What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A few random tidbits

A few little notes of interest for today that I thought I'd share! Tonight I made my cauliflower gratin and orange-roasted asparagus from this week's menu.

Some of the asparagus still on the pan.

Before we ate, Matt told me that he doesn't really care for cauliflower. After dinner, he told me I should definitely make that dish again the next time we get a head of cauliflower. There wasn't even any left to take a picture of! And I have to say, the asparagus was very interesting in a good way. Basically, both of these recipes will definitely be made in this house again, and I highly recommend them if you're looking for a good side (or main dish in the case of the gratin).

Also, I got my first delivery of books from PaperBack Swap today! I didn't have to pay anything for these books (not even shipping), and they came right to my door.

Some new books on my bookshelf!

So "Wicked", "The Secret Life of Bees", and "The Glass Castle" are on my reading list in the next month or so. What's on yours?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new addition to the family...

We've got a new little guy joining the family! No, I'm not having a baby... we got a fish! :) This is the first pet Matt and I have ever had together, and hopefully it'll be the first in a long line of super cute bunnies and little doggies. Without further ado, I give you...

Mojo da Betta Fish!

Sorry that my fish photography skills kind of suck - he's only been in the apartment for a day, so I think I get a little slack, right? I'm hoping my skills at keeping fish alive are far superior to my skills with herb gardens. Mojo's part of the family now, though, so he's gotta be top priority! He seems to have warmed up to his new surroundings - after being pretty quiet last night, he spent a lot of time tracking fingers and faces that we put right next to his glass. I think he really knows that we're there! Okay, maybe that's taking it a little far... :D

Monday, January 19, 2009

Time is NOT on my side

I've never intended this blog to be really personal, and certainly not whiny, or rant-y, but I have to say...

This weekend (and the week in general) was very frustrating for me, and it's hard to start off the week on a positive note after a frustrating weekend. My job has been pretty stressful as of late because of a super important deadline we have in about 5 weeks, which means we've been required to work 60 hours every week - effectively negating the therapeutic impact that Saturday normally has on my body and psyche. *sigh* It's tough to shove all of your relaxing/cleaning/homework into one day when you've spent 60 hours over the course of 6 days in the office and 7 hours at night after work in class. :(

Basically, this means I need to do a better job of managing my time and to-do lists, so that things don't pile up until Sunday again like they did yesterday. Even though I want to sit on the couch and veg out after work, I need to do that one load of laundry or run the dishwasher. Organization and prioritization really are the keys sometimes. Here's hoping this week will be better!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I can't believe it's Monday already! Where did the weekend go? I'm so not ready for this week yet. *sigh* I think my theme this week is "orange-roasting", as I have 2 separate orange-roasting recipes! As always, check out Org Junkie for more great recipes and menu-plans.

Monday: No class tonight, woohoo! Our fridge is full of left-overs, so we'll have some more tonight.

Tuesday: I never quite got to the Cauliflower Gratin and Orange-Roasted Asparagus from last week, so we'll do that today.

Wednesday: Sweet and Tangy Collard Greens; baked tofu for me and meat something-or-other for Matt

Thursday (class night): Leftovers!

Friday: Something easy, like soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Saturday: I'm still on the quest for the perfect macaroni recipe, so we'll be trying this creamy mac-and-cheese recipe, with some steamed veggies on the side.

Sunday: These ridiculously delicious sounding polenta fries as well as this really interesting orange-roasted beet recipe from Fatfree Vegan

Friday, January 16, 2009

Apron Love

One of my favorite things to do after work is go home, throw on my apron, and cook or clean something (or veg in front of the tv... let's be honest). I can't explain it - there's just something about an apron that makes me feel elegant and feminine. And, they kind of serve as adult bibs - I don't have to worry about spilling on myself because that's what aprons are for! Plus, my apron's pretty sweet if I do say so myself:

This is my baby, my sturdy, hot pink Williams Sonoma apron.

Recently, I've been wanting to get another apron - you know, rotate through them, spice up the kitchen a little. This of course means that I peruse all kinds of websites looking for aprons in my spare time. And I ask everyone that has/is wearing a cute apron where they got theirs. Today, for instance, I asked the baristas at the coffee shop where they got their cute white with mutli-colored striped aprons (Walmart, apparently), and we collectively mused about how wonderful aprons are.

In the market for a new apron yourself? Cost-Plus's aprons are absolutely adorable - the prints are just so cute! And how can you go wrong with matching pot-holders and kitchen towels? I covet this one especially:

This is the Paradise Bird apron from World Market; although the apron is apparently not available online anymore, so you'll have to go the actual store.

Also, here are links to Williams Sonoma's aprons (which are great for simple but sturdy ones), Target's aprons (there are some gems), and there are some cute ones at Bed Bath & Beyond, too.

If you're looking for a more personal touch, I'm absolutely in love with this apron that's currently for sale on Etsy:

Flirty Everday Housewife Apron

Not even kidding, I'm fighting off the urge to buy it right now. Here are all of the aprons currently listed on Etsy (there are currently over 11,000!); I particularly love this store (the maker of the apron above) and this store as well.

Happy apron shopping!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home Gym Update (Project 11)

I posted last week about making a home-gym (or, really, a work out "nook") in my apartment to supplement my gym time and running. I set 4 goals for myself: incorporate at least 3 kinds of activities in an organized way that allow the rest of the room to still be used for it's original purpose and not make Matt's life miserable in the process. Oh yeah, and spend less than $100.

There are lots of resources available online to help with establishing a workout space. This website has some great resources for cheaply acquiring (or even making) weights - I have a bit of experience with Play It Again Sports and highly recommend them, but unfortunately there isn't one in Eastern Washington. :( As the kinds of equipment to buy if you're not in the market to purchase a large exercise machine (which is exactly my situation), I found this article from WebMD the most comprehensive and useful - it really tells you what you can do with all the different pieces of equipment and why you should get them.

So now you're probably wondering, what the heck did I get?

First up, a balance ball and a set of adjustable (up to 30 lbs) dumbbells.

And secondly, three resistance bands and an 8 lb medicine ball.

I also have my yoga mat that I've had for forever that I plan on using as my "fitness mat". Now all I have to do is get it all put together. Stay tuned for the post with pictures of my actual workout corner!

New Layout!

I guess this isn't really a new layout so much as an updated color scheme, along with a new title and header. :) It's nice to finally have a little bit of my personality showing through the style of this blog, instead of just making you read about it. Haha!

Hope you all are having fantastic Thursdays!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can I make a confession?

I don't talk about this very often with people that don't know me very well. I mean, my close friends and those who hang out with me a lot know all about this. It makes me embarrased, ashamed, and yet oh so excited... about Tuesday nights. Because...

And not even that - I've religiously watched ALL of the Real Housewives spin-offs (especially New York; those ladies were fab!) and try to catch the marathons on holiday weekends. I even bonded with a few co-workers today as we discussed what we thought of last week's episode and the possibility of Gretchen hooking up with Tamra's son this week. Seriously, that's how addicted I am.

The funny thing about this show, and the majority of the spin-offs, is that very few of the "housewives" are actually housewives. Some aren't even married, and basically all of them hold full-time jobs. I think that makes them much more relate-able to people like me, though. I'm not married, I don't have kids, and I have a full-time job (that could potentially be a career). Yet, at the same time, I really do consider myself to be all about the family. And even though it is reality television and they do get painted as certain "characters" through editing, it's nice to see women being successful as mothers, wives, and career-women all at the same time. Basically, I use the hour on Tuesday nights to pretend that this is a life-style I can live at some point in the near future without having to sacrifice a family life.

I also spend a lot of time (while I'm watching the show) thinking about which housewives I'm most like. I think the most like these two:

Vicki is (probably edited to be) a little more neurotic and anal than I am, but I can definitely understand her desire to having things organized and by-the-book because I'm the same way. And I'd have to say, of all 3 iterations of the show that have been broadcast so far, Bethenny from the New York version is the most grounded and independent and, therefore, relate-able. She and I share the facts that we're both career women, not married and without kids, and determined to not compromise ourselves while still having it all.

Plus, I can always dream that someday I'll be in the "position" to be a housewife, can't I? :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Epic Fail!

Okay, this is seriously getting ridiculous. I officially have the blackest thumb ever. Nearly 2-and-a-half months ago, I replanted my little kitchen herb garden after decidedly maiming my first batch of herbs. The seed packets all say 90 days on them - as in, you should have pretty, edible herbs by then. Well, it's been 75-ish, and I've got this:

HOLY CRAP I suck at growing things. I've decided I'm going to give it one more shot though. I have a few seeds left, and the third time's the charm, right? There's no possible way that I could completely kill three separate batches of seeds... I just like having living things in my apartment (that are intentionally put there, of course).

Real Simple has a list of plants that are easy to grow if you're as awful at growing plants as I am here (and a similar list on here), and there are even high-tech diagnostic tools for people like me. But I think I'll give it one last college try before either resorting to one of the "easy" kinds of plants or giving up the endeavor all together.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 12 - Entering the Self-Help World

I bought my first self-help book today. I've been on this quest to make my life easier and less stressful, and realized that I'd never taken a look at the methods that others have used in their own endeavors. A quick look through the local Borders' self help section led me to this:

I had never heard of Simple Steps before, but apparently these ladies have been on Oprah, and really, I trust Oprah on these things.

So why did I pick up this book? Honestly, it was the yellow flowers and the pink title. What can I say, I judge books by their covers! However, I bought it for three reasons:

  1. The steps really are simple. The first week of the plan, which I plan on completing this week, includes the following 4 items: drinking enough water every day, taking a 20 minute walk every day, cleaning out one closet or drawer per week, and saving an extra $2 per day. Sounds easy enough, right?
  2. The plan is really comprehensive, and will touch every part of your life - your home, your mind, your waistline, and your bank account. That's really what I need.
  3. No drastic lifestyle changes are required. Everything is eased into one week at a time over 10 weeks, which is totally doable with my busy schedule.

I'll update as I get further into the process these ladies have proposed. It feels nice to finally have a tangible reference book for the kinds of things I'm trying to change about myself and my life, and to know that others have been successful at this exact process. Wish me luck!

PS - if you're interested in this book, find it here on Amazon, or here on, or here on Borders' website.

Menu Plan Monday

I am on a TOTAL squash-and-cheese kick as of late, which you'll notice from the not one but two gratins I have on the menu this week. I guess that's what the first week of Biggest Loser made me miss the most - heavy cream and loads of cheese. :) As always, visit Org Junkie's website for more menu planners!

Monday (class night): Leftovers - chili and/or Thai food

Tuesday: Winter Squash Gratin; baked tofu for me and lamb for Matt

Wednesday: Ethiopian-Inspired Red Lentil Soup (I'm also really excited for the spice mixture included on the recipe)

Thursday (class night): Leftovers

Friday: Cauliflower Gratin and Orange-Roasted Asparagus

Saturday: Home-made pizza! I have a "pizza deck" of recipe cards for pizza doughs, sauces, and toppings, so I'll make somethin from that.

Sunday: Leftovers - because who really wants to cook on Sunday night anyway?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's resolutions, baby!

I'm a firm believer in New Year's resolutions, and can't remember a year in the recent past where I haven't made at least one. In my pre-internet days, I'd scrawl them out in marker on a piece of notebook paper and tuck them away in a shoebox (where I also stored all of the notes my girlfriends had given me during the school year with our highly sensitive, *cough* boy gossip *cough*, during the year), and would pull them back out around New Year's to see how badly I've failed at keeping them. Now I tend to post them in my blog-of-the-moment - whichever one I spend more time on or relates most to the goals I've set for myself this year. Therefore, I give you my 2009 resolutions that I will hopefully meet and/or exceed during the next calendar year:

1. Read more books for pleasure. 50 this year, to be exact. And school books don't count.

2. Apply to PhD programs. Preferably after the masters degree is finished, so there's that caveat of this process. So basically, at least one application has to be submitted to a school by December. Lots of work, but doable.

3. Win the biggest loser competition at work. This starts on January 5, and ends on March 13. Prize money is $450, which will put a nice dent in my vacation costs (see below). I entered with my friend Rachel, who's going to give me a pretty good run for the money I think - so basically, if either of us wins, I'll consider this resolution achieved. :D

4. Get my passport. Now that my new project at work will be sending me to Texas and not freezing cold snowy Calgary (sorry, Canadians, but after Spokane's winter I'm just not in the mood for more!), this is a pretty high priority on my to-do list.

5. Make a budget and stick to it. I've been monitoring my spending habits for the past few months so that I can make smart estimates about what I need (or don't need), so I'm hoping to sit down sometime in January and draft out a plan that will work for this year. The main purpose of this will be to establish an emergency fund that is separate from my savings fund, as well as pay off my student loans entirely.

6. Meal Plan every week. It's so much better than constantly running to the store because I don't know what I have, and haven't planned what I'm making until that night.

7. Go on 2 mini-vacations (as in 3- or 4-day weekends. Both must be to places I've never been before - right now, Las Vegas, Colorado, and Southern California are pretty high on that list. Both must not include visiting relatives for a holiday. One must be without Matt.

8. Go on an extended vacation (as in a week) with Matt. We've been discussing Hawai'i next fall, or something else hot/tropical.

9. Set up a weekly volunteering activity again. I used to volunteer at the Women's and Children's Free Restaurant once a week, and I really enjoyed that - it's a great organization with a mission that I really believe in. Unfortunately, it now conflicts with all of my classes. So this year, my goal is to reorient my schedule enough to make a similar situation feasible for me.

10. And last but not least, make a better effort to keep in touch with all the people that I love that are far away from me now. I've always sucked at keeping in touch with people, and I need to get better at that. Also, I want to write people letters. They're so old-school that they're fun, and everyone loves getting mail, right?
What are your resolutions for the new year?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 11: Creating a "Home Gym"

If there's one thing that I'm really into, it's personal fitness and healthful living. This has been ingrained in me since I was little, hopping from sports team to sports team, and consumed my life while I was on a Division I sports team in college. Now, out of college and off of all sports teams, I genuinely enjoy working out on my own and running the occasional 5k, 10k, or half-marathon (I even win some now and then!).

The problem I've run into as of late is that I feel like going to the gym after work puts a major damper on my life. In the spring, summer, and fall, I was blessed with the ability to either get up early and go for a run outside, or put on my running shoes after work and run into the sunset. Now, with several inches of snow and ice covering the sidewalks, and how dark it is in the mornings and at night, running outside isn't an option. I can go to the gym I belong to after work no problem, but it means not getting home until 7 or 7:30 - when I'm already spending 2 nights a week in class away from home (and Matt), it becomes increasingly harder to justify another 3 nights away and motivate myself to do that!

I've been thinking about this for awhile now, and the solution that I've come up with is to create a home gym (of sorts). I know when I think of a "home gym", I think about the kind of machines on the right - lots of arms and weights and pulleys and things that take up a huge amount of room and cost an arm and a leg. But you know what? This is not the only option for home exercise equipment. A simple search on the web revealed that other people feel the same way I do - working out at home doesn't require this monstrosity, just a little creativity! I've set myself a goal for this month (we're already on the 9th, so this will have to be done quickly!) of creating my own permanent workout area in my apartment for under $100.
Other than the $100 stipulation, there are a few rules that I'm going to give myself for this venture:
  1. The space I choose must still be usable for it's original intention (i.e. the guestroom cannot become workout room, it must still be the guestroom).
  2. There must be at least 3 kinds of activities included - so I can't just buy some dumbbells and call it good.
  3. I can't make Matt's life miserable.
  4. It must be well organized, and cannot be an eyesore to look at.
I'll post about my progress this weekend, as I hope to make major strides in this goal as soon as possible!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The never ending quest to get rid of books...

As a recent college graduate and a current grad student, I have a ridiculous number of books that I do not want. Okay, maybe it's not truly ridiculous, but they don't fit on the shelf, and I've already read them and determined that I don't need them. Previously I've listed lots on and sold them back to the locally-owned bookstore. But what do you do when books don't sell on ebay and the bookstore won't buy them either?

A blog I read frequently, The Simple Dollar, wrote (relatively) recently about a great website that allows users to essentially swap books with each other - much like a library, except you don't have to return the books. And that's great, because I'm always horrible at remembering due dates and getting them back in time. It's called Paperback Swap, and is incredibly user friendly. Basically, you post the books you don't want on the site, someone finds a book of yours that they want, and you ship it to them (at your cost). When they get it, they register the book as received on the site, and you get a credit that you can use to get another book - which you pay nothing for. I'm still a little skeptical about the ordering part, mostly because I just did that yesterday and haven't received the books yet (I know, I know, I get antsy!). But as far as getting rid of unwanted books, I've already shipped off three that I couldn't sell, and it's nice to know that they're going to people who genuinely want them!

Anyway, I highly recommend this service if you've been unsuccessful using other book-selling methods. Plus it's nice and light on the budget. :D

Monday, January 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I made a New Year's resolution this year to menu-plan every week, so I guess that has to start with today! A lot of the recipes this week are coming from a present that my boyfriend's mother got me for Christmas - a subscription to a fantastic magazine called Vegetarian Times that I just love! I highly recommend it. And as always, check out Org Junkie's fantastic website for more menu planners this week!

Monday: Class was cancelled tonight, so Matt and I will be having our lamb burgers (for him), veggie burgers (mine!), and grilled zucchini together!

Mixed Vegetable Masala from the Nov/Dec issue of Vegetarian Times

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner! Omelettes, with a side of bacon for Matt. Oh yeah, and GO ZAGS!

Thursday (class night): Vegetarian Chili in the crock pot

Friday: Grilled tofu (me), grilled lamb (Matt), and Garlicky Sweet Potatoes from the Nov/Dec issue of Vegetarian Times

Saturday: Date night hopefully!

Sunday: Leftovers, and a side of Creamed Spinach from the Nov/Dec issue of Vegetarian Times

Back from another brief hiatus...

Annnnnd, I'm back again. It's been over a month since I've written (it really doesn't seem like that long!), but I was gone on a 10-day trip for the holidays, and Spokane has basically been a hell-hole for the last 3 weeks with all of the record-breaking snow and whatnot.

Don't believe me? This was taken by my friend and co-worker Rachel on our way to work one day - since the buses weren't running, we had to walk the mile and a half from our neighborhood to our office... and this was one of the many couple-foot-tall berms we had to cross. It's alright, though; I pwnd that berm.

One of my resolutions this year is to do a better job at keeping in touch with people, and I think that this blog is going to be a key factor in that. Hope everyone had a joyous holiday season!