Wednesday, January 28, 2009

R.I.P. Domino

...And the economy has claimed another casualty during this recession.

I'm joining the upset bloggers of the world in morning Domino magazine's passing. Conde Nast publishing is closing down the last savior of the hip and chic home magazines. I just sent my subscription card in yesterday, and have purchased 4 of the last 6 issues at news stand price (the budgeter in me cringes at that statement), but apparently I'm not enough to keep Domino in business. Of course, economic hardship and decreased sales are to blame - and I can understand that. It's much harder to shill ads for expensive paint and furniture in a magazine like this when many Americans don't know where their next paycheck is coming from.

But thanks for the good times, Domino. Thanks for putting together a magazine that was fun to pick up and thumb through, that gave me lots of ideas for painting and DIY projects, and profiling the interior decoration of stars' houses. Thanks for featuring articles on becoming a wine connoisseur, keeping your house like you have a staff even when you don't, and awesome libraries with captivating pictures. You even had a vegetarian recipe every once in a while. Even though you weren't quite as good as Blueprint, you picked up the slack and carried it well.

I'll miss you.

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Habbala said...

I loved Domino too... the ecomony thing is really scary. I hate hearing all the job cuts on the news....

Anywho.. I tagged you over at my blog, so go check it out!!