Friday, January 16, 2009

Apron Love

One of my favorite things to do after work is go home, throw on my apron, and cook or clean something (or veg in front of the tv... let's be honest). I can't explain it - there's just something about an apron that makes me feel elegant and feminine. And, they kind of serve as adult bibs - I don't have to worry about spilling on myself because that's what aprons are for! Plus, my apron's pretty sweet if I do say so myself:

This is my baby, my sturdy, hot pink Williams Sonoma apron.

Recently, I've been wanting to get another apron - you know, rotate through them, spice up the kitchen a little. This of course means that I peruse all kinds of websites looking for aprons in my spare time. And I ask everyone that has/is wearing a cute apron where they got theirs. Today, for instance, I asked the baristas at the coffee shop where they got their cute white with mutli-colored striped aprons (Walmart, apparently), and we collectively mused about how wonderful aprons are.

In the market for a new apron yourself? Cost-Plus's aprons are absolutely adorable - the prints are just so cute! And how can you go wrong with matching pot-holders and kitchen towels? I covet this one especially:

This is the Paradise Bird apron from World Market; although the apron is apparently not available online anymore, so you'll have to go the actual store.

Also, here are links to Williams Sonoma's aprons (which are great for simple but sturdy ones), Target's aprons (there are some gems), and there are some cute ones at Bed Bath & Beyond, too.

If you're looking for a more personal touch, I'm absolutely in love with this apron that's currently for sale on Etsy:

Flirty Everday Housewife Apron

Not even kidding, I'm fighting off the urge to buy it right now. Here are all of the aprons currently listed on Etsy (there are currently over 11,000!); I particularly love this store (the maker of the apron above) and this store as well.

Happy apron shopping!


Habbala said...

Yay Apron Love!!!! I love the one from Etsy!!!!!!

Greene Pastures said...

I stumbled across your blog. I loved this post. My friend and I started a small business last summer selling bib/aprons. Actually, they are large bibs. Check out our blog. We are working on a website now. We were so happy that so many people love to "cover up." Enjoy your apron shopping!!! The pics you posted were totally cute.
Patti from The Bib Shoppe