Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Biggest Loser!

I'm watching Biggest Loser on TV right now, and just realized that I haven't written here about the "biggest loser" competition that I am participating in! Silly me! Some of you might have already read Rachel's recent post about her recent results; I'm involved in the same contest.

So every year, my company puts on a Biggest Loser contest that starts in January and ends in March (10 week span), and costs $20 to buy into. You get $10 at the weekly weigh-in if you've lost the biggest percentage, and the rest of the money is split between the top three losers (based on percentage) at the end of the 10 weeks. This year, the top prize is almost $500. So I decided to enter this year along with Rachel and another coworker of ours, and we've been gung-ho ever since!

How am I doing so far?
Well, in the first three weeks (including a minor set-back this past week), I've lost 4.77% of my body-weight, which puts me in 4th place among my coworkers. Rachel's in 3rd, and our other coworker is in 2nd, so we're pretty stoked! We have seven weeks to catch the front runner, and we'll go 1-2-3!

So why am I doing Biggest Loser?
Honestly, the main reason is the money. $500 will pay for a trip to Vegas for a long weekend! But also, my girls at work are doing it! I didn't want to be left out, and I've had a lot of fun going to spinning, step, and even hip hop (oh man, THAT was a treat tonight) classes with them! But don't get me wrong, the weight-loss and getting-in-shape-focus are important to me, too. Running season is coming up, and I want to put myself in a good position to do well by training hard now.

So anyway, that's been a huge part of what I've spent my time on in the past few weeks, and what I'll continue to do in the coming 7 weeks!

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