Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The never ending quest to get rid of books...

As a recent college graduate and a current grad student, I have a ridiculous number of books that I do not want. Okay, maybe it's not truly ridiculous, but they don't fit on the shelf, and I've already read them and determined that I don't need them. Previously I've listed lots on and sold them back to the locally-owned bookstore. But what do you do when books don't sell on ebay and the bookstore won't buy them either?

A blog I read frequently, The Simple Dollar, wrote (relatively) recently about a great website that allows users to essentially swap books with each other - much like a library, except you don't have to return the books. And that's great, because I'm always horrible at remembering due dates and getting them back in time. It's called Paperback Swap, and is incredibly user friendly. Basically, you post the books you don't want on the site, someone finds a book of yours that they want, and you ship it to them (at your cost). When they get it, they register the book as received on the site, and you get a credit that you can use to get another book - which you pay nothing for. I'm still a little skeptical about the ordering part, mostly because I just did that yesterday and haven't received the books yet (I know, I know, I get antsy!). But as far as getting rid of unwanted books, I've already shipped off three that I couldn't sell, and it's nice to know that they're going to people who genuinely want them!

Anyway, I highly recommend this service if you've been unsuccessful using other book-selling methods. Plus it's nice and light on the budget. :D

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