Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have 5 weeks of freedom...

So, here's the deal. I just finished my first year of grad school, and have exactly 5 weeks until my second year begins. So what am I going to do with all my free time? I'm one of those people that thrives on lists, goals, and being busy, so I think this is the best way to keep myself from going insane...

The thing that's been most neglected between my work schedule and class schedule/homework is without a doubt the 1200 square-foot condo that I moved into in mid April (I know, 4 months later and I'm still not moved in and settled? Aaaaaack). There have been several issues centered around moving into this condo. First, this is by far the biggest living space that I've had... ever. It's more than double the size of my last apartment, and needless to say much roomier than the rooms I rented out of college houses as an under-graduate.

Second, being a recent graduate of college (and a current grad student), I've never really gotten out of that undergraduate mode of whatever's-cheapest-never-throw-anything-out-it's-still-usable-with-giant-holes. Basically, all of my "furniture" is plastic or hand-me-downs from family members, and don't even get me STARTED on the majority of clothing in my wardrobe or things in my kitchen. Not all of this is problematic (everyone needs a set of 3 plastic drawers from Target... just maybe not 5 like I have in lieu of tables), so it'll be a mix of keeping and finding new items to more effectively and elegantly use.

And third, I'm sharing my condo with my boyfriend of almost 3 years (it's still crazy that it's been that long!). As anyone that's moved in wiht a significant other knows, there's this weird melding of stuff that has to happen - and it becomes much more evident if the two of you have too much crap. I don't necessarily think that we have too much stuff, but there's definitely stuff in here that I've never seen used before that we don't NEED.

Over the next 5 weeks, I plan to undertake various projects to organize, clean, and decorate my condo to make it more livable and presentable and just all around nicer. This should be a fun adventure! :)

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QL girl said...

Hey Becca,
Just ran into your blog (found the link on the list of sites that linked to mine) and I must say I really like the idea behind your blog and the format! I have no place of my own yet, but when I do I like how you have everything split up into projects. I just might borrow the idea, hehe.

Good luck with getting organized...its a constant battle for me as well!