Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meet the Organizer

Hello everyone -- I'm Becca, a 23-year-old college graduate trying to make her way in the adult world. I live in Spokane, Washington, with the love of my life and our new family member, Mojo da Betta Fish. We live in an apartment close to downtown, and love taking advantage of what this city has to offer. I work full time, but I'm also going to school for a Masters degree at night and on weekends - and boy does that make my social life suck! :D My interests include running (5ks, 10ks, and half-marathons... I post about them occasionally), reality tv, drinking wine, reading books, and taking long naps. And I still sleep with my childhood bear every night. Basically, I'm the coolest person ever.

This blog is about my quest to organize my "house", both literally and figuratively. My apartment is obviously the literal part - it's a mess, which is unsurprising since I'm disorganized and busy. But I'm also on a mission to get my life in order. This means everything - my finances, my 5 and 10 year plans, my mind, my body, and my soul. I'm trying to incorporate new things (like menu planning and budgets) to keep me on track with beginning a responsible adult life, while continuing to have fun and enjoy being young!

There are a few things about me that you should know when reading my entries.
  1. I am a vegetarian. When I post recipes (or link to them), you can assume that any non-vegetarian ingredients are being substituted for vegetarian ingredients. Especially if they involve chicken stock. Ew. The only exception to this rule is when I specify that I'm cooking something for Matt - I do cook him meat every once in a while, because he's the best boyfriend ever.
  2. I am (at least close to) the messiest person on the planet. I qualify this by saying that I'm "messy", but not "dirty" - there is no rotting food in my apartment, but there are tons of stacks of papers and stuff. I've been messy all of my life (my parents have some crazy stories), and this is the major thing that needs to change in my life.
  3. This is (for the most part) not a personal blog. I have made the conscious choice not to post about my love life, my work life, my family, etc. Obviously I'll address major events that occur, but there won't be any posts about sensitive personal issues. I also prefer to keep information like my net-worth, weight, etc. private - so this isn't going to turn into a personal finance blog or weight-issues blog. I'm not explicitly trying to be anonymous - I'm just trying not to air my dirty laundry to the world! :D
Thanks for reading and joining me on my quest to dominate life - please feel free to send me a note if you have any questions, or just want to say hello!

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