Saturday, August 23, 2008

Project 3: The Make-Up Drawer

Pretty heinous, isn't it? There was all kinds of stuff in here, which of course makes it seriously difficult to find anything of course (especially when you're half asleep and running late!). A half hour of sorting and an $8 pack of drawer organizers later, this is what it turned in to:

All the old stuff go thrown out, and everything is sorted into containers based on frequency of use, and items likely to be paired together. Hopefully this will make my morning routine go much faster!


RACHEL! said...

Where did you get your drawer organizers?

Becca said...

Target! The god of all super stores!

It was $8 for the set that I got (all that's in the picture, plus 2 more big ones and one long skinny one). The extras I used to organize Matt's drawer in the bathroom.