Sunday, March 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I am so excited for Matt to be back so I can cook again! I mean, obviously I could cook for myself if I wanted to, but I have a hard time getting the energy up just for that. I'm lazy when I'm alone. :) Nothing too special this week, but I'm pretty excited for Monday's recipe. Check out Org Junkie's website for more menu-planners!

Monday: Honey and Orange Tofu, served over brown rice.

Quesadillas! I'll probably throw some bell peppers in mine, Matt can have some sausage or chicken in his.

Leftovers, or soup and grilled cheeses.

Goat Cheese and Arugula over Penne with some wine on the side.

Stir-fry or curry with left-over veggies, served over brown rice.

Appetizers for dinner! I'll make up some bruschetta with goat cheese and tomatoes, and some fresh guac or something.

Leftovers. No cooking on Sundays!

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Courtney said...

I love having quesdilla night, it really is great when one gets veggie and one doesnt!