Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Project 14 - It's Springtime!

Nothing says Spring like a bunch of flowers!

I'm really proud of myself, guys. These flowers here have been in my kitchen since Valentine's Day, and they're still alive and going strong! Obviously they've been replanted into my permanent pots that I have on my kitchen ledge, but I like to think they're doing so well because I've taken such good care of them. My black thumb might just be getting a little green!

Well, it better be, because I made an investment in some outdoor (exposed to the elements) flowers for spring time! My luck with outdoor flowers last year was great until it got hot - and I forgot to water them for a week - and they all died. But I have faith! I can do it this year!

I spent a good part of Sunday planting these babies.

We had gone to Costco on Sunday to stock up on some essentials (laundry detergent and toilet paper), and surprise! Costco had a great little garden section with tons of flowers, bulbs, and gardening supplies! I found the bag in the picture pretty quickly - I like pink, which definitely goes for flowers as well! - and thought that those blooms would look great on my balcony. 18 bulbs for $13, which is only a few dollars more than the plants in my kitchen! I planted all 18 in the two big pots shown there, and then also in 2 hanging baskets that I didn't take pictures of. Honestly, until the flowers bloom, the pictures just look like big pots of dirt that are completely uninteresting!

Anyway, you with green thumbs, check out Costco if you're looking for some bulbs to plant - the selection was great and the prices were amazing!

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Not Another Omnivore said...

Aw! Those flowers are beautiful!