Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On my time off...

...I learned a few lessons.
  • Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Horrible reactions to antibiotics are just that - horrible. It's alright, my brain is back to normal size now and I'm all better.

  • Trying new things in yoga will make you sore. Yoga doesn't usually make me sore. Deciding to go the extra mile with your high-hip extensions - and then doing like, 10 on each side - will literally kick you in the butt the next day.

  • Getting a Costco card means you will eat your weight in Costco cookies. Immediately. And good lord those Costco cookies are delicious. We (Matt and I) joined Costco on a joint account while they were offering a bunch of specials for his company - and we got $3 off a package of cookies and a free rotisserie chicken. Thank GOD we had guests this weekend to help us eat stuff!
  • Once you stop blogging, it's hard to get back into it. Basically you just have to sit down and write something to get yourself started again, regardless of how interesting that particular thing is (for reference, see this post). Hopefully this will serve as the jump-start to blogging for the rest of the week!


Dionne said...

Hahahaha, true about Costo cards. It's so bad, heheee.

That sucks about the reaction to the antibiotics. Feel better soon!

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Oh so true about blogging "breaks." 103ยบ heat + 50 hour work weeks + organizing company picnic for 100 people + living at parents' house + cat in heat (omigawd, how awful) = too much stress without thinking about a blog post. Argh.

Get writing, lady- I will follow suit :)