Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lazy Bones Barbecue Restaurant

Yesterday, Matt, Rachel, and I headed up to a new barbecue joint in southern Spokane. Of course, we forgot the camera to adequately document our adventure, but it's alright, I feel like blogging about it anyway.

So you're probably thinking to yourself, "What? A vegetarian at a barbecue restaurant? Riiiiight..." But no! This place is the only barbecue place I've ever been to that actually has an extensive vegetarian/vegan menu, AND an extensive gluten-free menu! Seriously, check this bad-boy out. Vegan side-dishes, lots of tofu, and separate cooking surfaces to keep meats and vegan dishes from mixing. A local vegan blog and the local weekly newspaper have both declared their love - so we had to see for ourselves!

So what'd we have?
  • I ordered the tofu slab sandwich (with slaw) and a side of mac-and-cheese
  • Matt got Diablo burger with a side of fries
  • Rachel got the pork sandwich and a side of southern greens
I really wish that I had pictures for you - both of the food and our clean plates! I think we all enjoyed our food a LOT. I don't know that I'd get the mac-and-cheese again, but I would certainly get the fries - Matt (jokingly) got mad at Rachel and I for stealing some of his, but they were good! Matt's burger also looked fabulous - full of veggies and cheese and barbecue deliciousness. It was also nice to see that all of their sauces were vegan, making it easy to pick out condiments to indulge in. And of course, beer and wine are available for purchase as well. Can't have a barbecue without the beer, right?

So vegetarians, vegans, and those that enjoy a good barbecue - if you're in south Spokane any time soon, stop by Lazy Bones to see what's up. No matter what your dietary preferences, they can grill you up something good!

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