Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Ode to Reality Dating Shows

So, no secret here, but I freaking LOVE reality television. I honestly don't know why, but it seems like every show I watch a few episodes of I get hooked on. This, of course, includes the last season of The Bachelor. Jason ended up being kind of a tool (come on, you know you think so, too!), but who didn't absolutely love Jillian? I wanted her to be the one Jason chose, but I was super excited when she was announced as the new Bachelorette! Of course I was glued to this season, and wasn't this moment just awesome last night?

Photo from NY Daily News

Oh Ed, even with your short shorts, you still were obviously the perfect one for Jillian. But Ed's fashion choices aside, one of the best things about this season was Jillian's fashion choices! I loved her sense of style, and every outfit she wore had me going "God, that's gorgeous, I'd love to wear that!" Obviously, we're completely different body types (I think Jillian is 5'1", and I'm a hurking 6'2"), but I still love her clothing and how she tastefully showed off her (rocking) body throughout the season.

This is one of my favorite photos of her, showing how something as simple as a white button down and cuffed jeans can look so cute and fun. If I were dressing myself in a similar outfit, here's what I'd do:

Click on the photo for product information. I'm restraining myself right now, I swear! Since I live on the West Coast, I'm still waiting to see Jillian and Ed bask in their love on the After the Final Rose reunion special, but seriously. Could those two be any cuter?

In the mean time, I'm watching Fox's new reality dating show (that's basically a rip-off of The Bachelor) about "larger" people finding love. I think the thing that is really bothering me right now is that the majority of these "average" women are super tall! There are so many 5'9"-6'2" women in the group - and we all know that isn't average! And honestly, the name - while cheeky and easy to remember - seems borderline insulting to me.

Did you all watch "More to Love"? What did you think about the producers' definition of "average", and the way the the show handles weight/body issues?

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Rachel said...

1. You are in no way hurking.

2. I think you already know that I hate the premise of More to Love, and I'm choosing not to watch it because I know it will just upset me, but I have to admit - I am kind of curious about their stats.

To me, it is just blatantly, "Let's exploit overweight people!" and not much more than that - in the same way that I think other shows exploit little people, pageant girls, pregnant teens, whatever. I don't think that other mainstream dating shows are quite like this - I mean, I guess I can see that maybe the ones on VH1 are like, "let's laugh at the drunk girls!", but you know what I mean.

It also just proves even more to me that reality dating shows are not, you know, ACTUAL REALITY-based. Because I've been attracted to all sorts of different guys - from super skinny to overweight, and varying in all sorts of other categories as well - and while it's not a bad thing to have a "type," I think I'm pretty normal in that regard. And I've known guys have found me attractive whether they normally like my look or perhaps last dated a girl completely different from me. So while I understand that these dating shows kind of have to typecast, More to Love just emphasizes it for me.

And who knows, maybe the show will normalize a few more shapes and sizes on screen for us, perhaps even present some different shaped women as *gasp* physically attractive! That would be cool.

Anyway. Sorry to ramble. In closing, never trust a big butt and a smile. I'M OUT.