Sunday, February 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It's that time again! This week's nothing too spectacular, although I'm really looking forward to our Valentine's Day meal... YUM! Not only are we saving money by having fondue at home instead of at The Melting Pot, we're also keeping within my $150 grocery and $100 food out budget by doing it. As always, check out Org Junkie's website for more menu-planners!

Monday (class night): Didn't get to the Miracle Lasagna last week, so we'll have that first!

Tuesday: Burgers - I'll be having mine with hummus, tomatoes, and maybe some avocado!

Wednesday: Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower

Thursday: Baked/Grilled Tofu (marinated in BBQ sauce), with Garlicky Collard Greens

Friday: Stir fry with leftover veggies and brown rice

Saturday (Valentine's Day): Cheese Fondue with apples, bread, carrots, and celery; Chocolate Fondue with brownies, pound cake, strawberries, and bananas. Gotta break out that fondue pot sometimes!

Sunday: Leftovers


libby said...

Looks like a great menu coming up this week. I'm making the mac with cauli for valentines day - I got some heart shaped pasta :-).


Dara said...

I cut that mac and cheese with cauliflower recipe out of Real Simple, too! Have a good week.

Tasha said...

Yummm... fondue! I LOVE the Melting Pot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! And cluing me in that Saturday was Valentine's! I just updated my Meal Plan to point out how pathetic I am for planning the ultra-romantic Car Crash Casserole for ♥ Day. Enjoy your fondue!! YUM.

Not Another Omnivore said...

F.Y.I I think National Fondue Day was one day last week...if I remember reading correctly, and the mac and cheese with cauliflower sounds delicious!


Anonymous said...

Is that recipe from Real Simple? If so, I saw it and thought it looked delicious!

Becca said...

Libby: What a fantastic idea! I wish I hadn't already bought my pasta for the dish so I could get some heart-shaped, too!

Everyone else: The Mac & Cheese with Cauliflower is from Real Simple, although I must admit that I saw it on Carrots 'N' Cake first. I'll let you know how it turns out for me!

Sarah said...

The mac and cheese with cauliflower looks so amazingly yummy! I am definitely going to try this recipe!

Elizabeth Symington said...

I am definitely plan list minute, so thanks for reminding me about valentine's day. Reading about your fondue plans made me excited about tomorrow. I need to hurry up and plan something for my mom.