Thursday, February 12, 2009

Project 12 Update!

Well, it's been exactly a month to the day since I wrote about my first foray into the self-help world with the help of Simple Steps. And let me tell you, despite the simplicity of each of the items listed for weeks 1 through 3, they are NOT easy to implement when they're all put together! Even though I've been at this for over a month, I'm just starting on Week 3 of the program.

Honestly, the thing that's held me back from starting (and finishing) Week 3 of the program has mainly been the step that requires taking a multi-vitamin every day. I have some vitamin restrictions that drastically limit the brands/kinds of vitamins I can safely take to... pre-natal vitamins. Yeah. And we're not scaring people with that yet. So I'd been putting it off, until a trip during work to the local drug store when Rachel showed me that some old-school Flintstones Vitamins met my restrictions! YES, I have delicious, kid-friendly multi-vitamins!

Did you know they have adult instructions/vitamin information on the label? They're not just for kids!

Week 3 is already almost half over, so I'm hoping I can get back to the normal week-to-week pace and actually finish this process up. Week 3's steps include: taking a multi-vitamin every day, being aware of posture and breathing (this is hard, I'm such a sloucher!), cleansing and moisturizing daily, and keeping a clear desktop (I'm working on it!). Here are the things that the program has had me actually implement so far - basic, but again, it's a lot to do every day!
  • 8 cups of water every day
  • Walk 20 minutes every day
  • Clean out one drawer/closet every week
  • Save $2 every day
  • Keep a food journal
  • Isometrics every day
  • Follow a to-do list daily
  • Have an efficient laundry system
I'll give another update in a few weeks as I get further into the process. Wish me luck!


Rachel said...

Does the clear desktop thing count at work? 'Cause I can come nag you about that

healthy ashley said...

How fun! I always eat these at my boyfriend's house and love them! I've been hearing lots of good things about them lately, too!

Maggie said...

Good luck! That's a great list - I think I might try it.