Monday, April 27, 2009

Combatting Stress with Craftiness

It's been a rough weekend, coming back from 8 days away, preparing to go back to work after working from Houston for a week, trying to adjust my sleep schedule to be normal again, and making up for a week of missed chores. *sigh* So much to do, so little time!

Whenever I get stressed, I like to do something "creative". It's even better when that creative thing is for someone else! Since my birthday was a couple weeks ago, I decided to make some thank-yous to send to my family members that sent me presents. My mom always used to make us make birthday cards and thank-you notes when we had to send them, so it's a habit I've had since childhood I suppose. Anyway, here's my handiwork - I think they're pretty cute, and I finished them during the 20 minutes of The Simpsons we had DVR-ed!

Flowers are the perfect addition to every Spring card!

I've found the urge to "make things" coming on more and more, and it's made me reaaaaalllly want a sewing machine. I used to make all kinds of stuff - doll clothes for my American Girl Doll (Kirsten, the Swedish one, of course!) and various other crafty projects. I've been imagining the reusable grocery bags I could make; the aprons I could assemble that are actually proportionate to my body; I've even had an occasional desire to learn how to quilt.

I think I'll probably go for something a little more... modern? But you get the idea.

As my mom would say, "Add it to the registry!" And in the mean time, I'll keep making cards when I need to take my mind off things.


Bernadette said...

I love my sewing machine (my grandmother gave it to me as a high school graduation present), but I only wish I used it more often! I keep it out so I can't "forget" about it, but it still is a little dustier than I would like!

Do you know what kind of machine you want? I have a Singer, my grandmother has a Bernina (good for quilting, I think?), but my friend has Brother that was a lot less expensive, and seems to work pretty darn well for "everyday" sewing!

Jenny said...

ha ha! This happens to me all the time! Your cards are so cute!

Just go to a nice fabric store and you'll go crazy, wanting to make all sorts of things. The prints are so cute: Amy Butler, Moda.

It definitely makes me want to start quilting!

Mrs. D said...

I was just telling my husband last night that I want to learn how to quilt! I don't think now would be a good time though.. I probably wouldn't do it. Maybe in the future..