Thursday, April 2, 2009

Really, Spokane? REALLY??

I would like to remind you all that today is April 2nd. And that today, I woke up to an inch of THIS covering my balcony, driveway, and street. THIS IS NOT OKAY SPOKANE. April is not the time for snow! Especially when we've already had so much snow this year!

I hate you.

It's been so hard to work today with this business going on outside. All I want to do is go pick up a big pile of Soulful Soups soup and head on home to curl up with a blanket and light a fire in the fire place. But alas, I already have a commitment to run outside with The Flying Irish Running Club, and they just sent me an email to rally the troops for the run today. *sigh* If only the weather would cooperate! Ever!

This is just a friendly reminder to check back tonight at 8pm for the big announcement! You'll be glad you came, I promise! 8pm Pacific Time!

See you tonight at 8!

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