Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy Sunday

This week has been a whirl-wind - lots of people to see, phone calls to make, stress at work, a new quarter starting up at school - I feel like I haven't gotten a break yet! So much stuff happens sometimes that you just have to kick back and relax to remind yourself why you're putting up with The Crazy, and that time is usually Sunday afternoons for me.

You know that I'm crazy for those cupcakes cousin!

So what's on my agenda for my "Lazy Sunday"?
  • First up - LAUNDRY. I am in dire need of some clean socks.
  • Cleaning (the bathroom and the kitchen) and dishes.
  • I also need to go for a run - it looks like a beautiful day outside, so it's time to pull on that running skirt and hit the trails!
  • I have some work stuff that I have to get done before tomorrow... boooooooo.
  • I need to do some shopping - pick up the wedding scrapbook, figure out the food situation for the week, etc.
  • Rachel is back from Puerto Rico, so a neighborhood coffee date might be in order!
  • Matt and I need to celebrate my birthday (I know, right? Week of celebrations like whoa!) at one of Spokane's fine dining establishments.
  • I want to get a preliminary list of potential wedding venues figured out!
Wow, on second thought, this Sunday might not be so lazy after all! How are you all spending your Sundays and preparing for the week to come?

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Lil' Woman said...

I need to do Laundry soon too... It's starting to become a mountain in my bedroom.