Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays - Episode 3

To hire a wedding planner? Or do it myself?

I've been tossing these questions around to myself for the last couple of weeks. Since we've decided to have the ceremony in Portland, which is a 6 hour drive (1 hour plane trip) away from where we live, something or someone is going to have to help me. The last thing I want is to guilt some relative (or soon-to-be relative) into doing a bunch of stuff for me because I'm incapable of doing it myself, or making the arrangements to get it done.

On the one hand, I'm a control freak. I like knowing exactly what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, and who's going to be doing it. I like having a schedule that I have complete control over. I like having a say in everything. And honestly, I kind of like putting together events - granted, I've never done even close to the size of a wedding - and think it would be genuinely FUN to put this together. As long as I don't take it too seriously, that is!

On the other hand, I know nothing about planning a big event, let alone a wedding! I can count the number of weddings that I've attended as an adult on one hand, and I haven't been in a wedding since I was... 6? I also have this tendency to bite off more than I can chew, and then refuse to admit that I need help when I actually do need help. These things aren't really good when coupled together, I think.

Basically, I need Jennifer Lopez from The Wedding Planner. Except I'd rather her not steal my groom!

Ladies that have attended or planned weddings, did you have a wedding coordinator/planner? If you could go back, would you change your mind about whether to have one or not?


Bernadette said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

I'm nowhere near getting married, but this is just a thought...maybe you have a friend/relative who would *want* to help you plan? (Note: want to, as opposed to someone you'd have to "guilt" into it!) I know I plan on being my best friend's wedding "supervisor"--not planning, per se (I'd go with her ideas, not mine), but more organizational. I'm pretty sure she'll do the same for me. Is there someone like that in your life?

ShockTheBourgeois said...

That settles it, I'll just quit my job, move back to Spokane, and become your personal assistant.

Okay, maybe not that whole quitting and moving thing- but seriously, shout if you want help.

Lauren Jade said...

Hi ! thank you for become a follower of my blog. :D i'll do the same , and good luck deciding what to do about the wedding...I definately think you should consider planning it your self..take a look at This Young Houses blog! they did their wedding all by their selves. :D

Becca said...

@ Bernadette: I'm sure my future mother-in-law would be willing (and pretty much has fulfilled that role already)... I just feel really bad about asking her do it! :D I want her to know that her future daughter-in-law will put on stellar birthday parties for the grandkids, just like an awesome wedding! I'm probably reading waaaaaay to much into it.

@ Lauren: Thanks! Glad to have you as a reader! I'll definitely check out the blog you suggested.