Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project 16: The Balcony

Now that Spring is officially here, I'm starting to notice how much our balcony is... lacking. There are some pots of flowers out there, getting ready to bloom. And there's a little charcoal-powered barbecue that we've used twice in the past week. But seating? Not so much (unless an old rolling office chair counts). And until the flowers bloom, it's not much to look at either. Oh, and no decorative lighting - or any lighting at all, for that matter.

So what does one do with a balcony on a budget? I've been scouring Craigslist for some decent outdoor furniture, and checking out the yard sales and garage sales for some cheap outdoor lights, but haven't really found anything yet. I'm also not really sure what it is I want - although I do love this picture and wish I could turn it into my balcony somehow:

I'm trying to channel this look, though I don't quite have the canal to help me out!

Soft lighting, paper lanterns, and visual attractiveness. YES PLEASE. So my goal is to have a usable, appealing balcony that I can have people over to sit on by the end of the week. Check back later for an update!

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