Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Saturday!

It's a little before 11am, and I've had quite the Saturday so far! I started my day off bright and early, reading the introduction of Naturally Thin with a cup of tea in the sunshine. It's a beautiful day in Spokane!

Next up, I visited the Spokane Farmers Market - I missed opening weekend last week, so I wanted to be sure to make it this time. Although the produce is a little sparse so far, there were still tons of people out and about! I bought a loaf of asiago garlic bread and two bell pepper plants to add to my balcony garden.

After the Farmers Market, it was time for yoga! Jillian Michaels has been pretty brutal to me the last few days, and some good stretching is just what I needed. The 75 minute class was a little long - I definitely struggled more this week than usual - but I left feeling good and energized. On the way home, a quick stop for a breakfast bagel was in order - it wen nicely with my second cup of tea for the day!

Now it's time for a shower, and then to head out to start the rest of the day! Matt's still asleep, but I'm going to try and talk him into some tennis later today at a local park. Lilac Festival Parade is also this evening, and tons of people already have their chairs set up downtown for the occasion, so we'll have to jockey for seats pretty soon! There's also a community-wide open house of all the community gardens in Spokane today, so I want to check out the one closest to me and see what it takes to get/keep a plot!

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