Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Project 16 Update

I wrote a little while ago about how I want to make my balcony more "user friendly", and then totally left you guys hanging! Oops! I have made some progress, by acquiring some pieces that I think will help liven the place up and provide a better atmosphere for chilling on the balcony. BUT the weather has been super lame, and I haven't wanted to spend much time out there recently. Here's a sneak preview at the revamp of the balcony that is currently in progress.

Step 1: Acquire outdoor furniture.

These bad-boys were on sale at Target for a really reasonable price, and will hopefully be pretty durable. Well, anything's more durable than the old office chair that's been sitting out here for a year!

Step 2: Acquire decorative lighting.

The only lighting on the balcony at the moment is a set of really harsh outdoor lights that blind people more than anything. Channeling the paper lantern ambiance from the picture in my original post, I picked up these guys for $10 at Target. Now I just need an outdoor extension cord and some pretty paper lantern light will be mine!

Step 3: Set the mood.

This cute candle holder was at Cost Plus (or World Market or whatever you want to call it) for $10. There are already several hooks installed on the ceiling of the balcony, and one happens to be right above the table. Consider this my outdoor chandelier!

Step 4: Allow for growth.

No balcony is complete without foliage, and my plants are getting so huge! No flowers yet, but four baskets full of leafy green vegetation brighten up any outdoor living space.

The total for this project so far has stayed under $50, and the space is going to be much prettier and more usable! Check back later this week when everything's put together.

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Bernadette said...

I love the candle holder and your greenery! It makes me miss my porch!