Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays - Episode 6

Dear Facebook,

Please stop torturing me with your ridiculous ads geared towards future brides. I understand that your marketing materials key off of profile characteristics, but it seems like the only thing that you find interesting enough to market to on my profile is the fact that I am engaged. And I do not like it.

For example, here are the three ads I was presented with when opening my profile to play my next move in Lexulous:

How do diet plans for brides differ from diet plans for everyone else?

Sure, being a thin bride would be nice, but I'd rather be a healthy bride. Either way, I don't need FACEBOOK to tell me about it.

If my dress doesn't fit, it's because I bought the wrong size. Not because I didn't listen to the Diet Plan for Brides. A-holes.

And finally, Facebook, if you are going to try and mix it up, I suggest you do it by NOT assuming that the next thing I'm doing in my life besides getting skinny for a wedding dress is popping out babies.
Hopefully we'll come to some sort of agreement on this soon. Otherwise, this Bridezilla might have a few tricks in her garter.



Rachel said...

Ahahaha. You are funny. I'll be happy when my stalker-ads stop saying, "DO YOU HAVE UGLY STRETCH MARKS?!?!" Good God.

And if you wear a garter I will barf. Just kidding. I will support you in whatever you decide. *Repeat as necessary*

Ann said...

Hahah. I get mostly "Lonely? Don't go home alone again tonight!" ads. It's rather amusing.

Oh, Facebook ads.